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Tired of your suitcase following you like a shadow? Try a new luggage solution!

Let your luggage take a vacation while you explore.


Airbnb and similar accommodation rental platforms offer many advantages when it comes to travel, such as the freedom of location, more space, and a more homely feel. However, the issue of luggage storage can be a concern, especially if you arrive before check-in time or need a place to store your bags after check-out, when you have a late flight and you want to explore your destination a little bit more.

It’s not always possible to coordinate check-out times with flight or travel schedules. This is where luggage storage service like Radical Storage can be incredibly helpful. It offers a practical solution by allowing you to store your luggage securely for a few hours or longer.


The best thing is affordable and competitive rate – the fixed price is 5 € per bag and day (no extra charge for larger or heavier items).


Radical Storage’s extensive network of storage points (known as Angels) makes it convenient for you to find a suitable location nearby, which can be a lifesaver in situations where finding secure storage might otherwise be challenging.

Here are some key advantages of using luggage storage service:

  • flexible options – you can store luggage for a few hours or even longer, depending on your needs
  • secure storage – storage facilities have various security measures to ensure the safety of your belongings
  • wide network – many partner locations make it easy for you to find a storage point nearby
  • time saving – you can maximize your time and enjoy the day in a destination
  • no need for lockers – no need to rely on the availability of lockers in hotels, apartments, or train stations
  • peace of mind – knowing your luggage is in a secure location allows you to enjoy your day without worrying
  • online booking – easily book storage online in advance

By adding 1.75 € per bag, Radical Storage covers your luggage with a 3.000 € security guarantee!


Explore the luggage storage frequently asked questions to ensure your bags are in safe hands while you explore.

Unfortunately, no. Online booking and payment are essential as Radical Storage locations do not accept luggage without prior online booking.

No, the price remains the same. There are no extra charges, regardless of whether your luggage is bulkier or heavier than the norm. Rates are calculated daily (from 00.00 to 23.59).

Unfortunately, reservations are non-refundable. However, you do have the option to add a security guarantee for your luggage, which includes a free cancellation feature.

Yes, you need to book each piece of luggage when making your reservation online. The deposit location will not accept any additional luggage that hasn’t been included in the online booking. However, within the active orders section, you’ll discover two convenient buttons that allow you to include additional bags to your booking.

You can access all the information related to your booking by visiting the “Booking Details Page,” which is accessible through or by using the Radical Storage App.

The address of the Angels is not displayed on the website for security purposes and to avoid situations where Angels might receive unexpected or unregistered customers from Radical Storage.

Absolutely, every single item of luggage is eligible for a 3.000 € warranty, regardless of your location in the world.

If you’re experiencing issues with your QR code, there’s no need to worry. Instead, simply present the order number, which can be located in the confirmation email you received.

Yes, there is some flexibility in the timetable. If you find yourself running a bit behind schedule for check-in or check-out, it shouldn’t pose a major issue. However, it’s essential to double-check the specific opening and closing hours of the luggage storage facility to ensure you’re within the acceptable timeframe.

For additional information and answers to more questions, please visit the comprehensive FAQ page where you’ll find a wide range of topics covered in detail to help address any further questions you may have.